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Open Road Racing - “Autobahn” style, flat-out driving
 on a U.S. Highway - - legally!

Have you ever looked down that long, straight, empty highway and wished you could run flat out without getting a ticket?
Well, now you can! 

Open Road Racing is 100 to 130 miles of sweet, open road, all to
yourself, where you and your machine can go as fast as you choose,

Nearly any type of vehicle is permitted, from street machines to pure race
 cars, and we have race speed brackets for every type of car and driver,
from 85 mph to 170 mph! Your top speed is determined by your vehicle’s
safety equipment and your experience level. Our events are approved by
the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) and are conducted
on closed Nevada highways.  Nobody is on the course except the
participants. We protect your safety with comprehensive safety rules and
large staff of professional personnel.

So, how “fast” is fast? Our fastest racers have been clocked in the speed
 traps at over 220 MPH! But for you, “fast” may mean a smooth
 cruise at 95 mph, an exciting pass at 120 mph, or an adrenaline-pumping

 blast at 150 mph!

The great thing is, it’s your choice!!  You can run at whatever speed you
are comfortable, and you will find a group of racers just like you in the
same speed class! 

Our race weekends are fun-filled days of fast cars, great people, and, most of all, speed!! Not just short bursts of speed, but 130 MILES of speed!!
For auto enthusiasts who love DRIVING their cars instead of
just POLISHING them, it simply doesn't get any better than this!

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Join the Fun!

Running the
125 - 165 MPH

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Challenging Curves

Flat out to the
Speed Trap

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 9-mile Straights

Make your plans NOW to join us in 2006! Click on the event logos below to see more details on
each event, and go to the “Forms” link to download a membership form or enter an event. 
Entries are limited, so sign up NOW!

Highway 93A
Wendover, NV
June 7 -10, 2007

Highway 225
Elko, NV
July 12 - 15, 2007

State Highway 305
Battle Mountain, NV
August 23-26, 2007

MKM and Contingency Connection have joined forces to bring more excitement to your open road racing experience. Lots of sponsors and prizes! See info here.



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